Wifi and Bluetooth selection from the control center

The new update solves one of my biggest gripes with iOS – not being able to select the WiFi network or Bluetooth connection directly from the control center. Now, all you have to do is long press on the WiFi/Bluetooth widget to bring up the menu, then use 3D touch on WiFi or Bluetooth toggles to see the available networks, then select the connection you want.


New volume slider

Apple is introducing a new volume slider this time. Instead of a distracting square in the middle, you’ll see a bar on the left side that’ll get thinner after a few seconds of being on screen.


Insight into how apps are tracking you

The new location settings allow you to limit tracking to just one instance for a particular app. What’s more, if you’ve given an app permission to use your location all the time, iOS 13 will periodically show you a map of places it has tracked you. The dialog box will also give you an option to change the permission to “Only while using” or keep allowing the app to access your location.

iOs13 tracking


Uninstall apps from the update screen

No need to hold the app icon and wait till they dance to uninstall apps. You can head to the App Store’s update page, swipe left, and delete a particular app from right there. Just to note, in iOS 13, pending updates will show up under your profile page, instead of a separate tab.


Smart battery charging

This new feature will help you have a longer lasting battery. It won’t charge your phone till 100 percent every time you put it on the charge. Instead, it’ll charge the device to 80 percent, and – based on your habits – will give it that final 20 percent of juice just before you remove it from power


Apple Music improvements

Apple has souped up its Music app with some nifty updates. First, there’s a dedicated lyrics button you can tap, and the words to the music will appear (and sync up) with the song. Plus, there’s a new button to access to see what tune’s up next.


A reading goals feature

Apple’s introduced a goal feature with iOS 13. To reach your target, you can either read a book or listen to an audiobook.


Better text selection

This one’s pretty important. You can select text by just tapping and swiping, and you can triple-tap or quadruple-tap to select a sentence or a paragraph. Plus, Apple says that with intelligent text selection, it’ll be easier to select an address, phone number, or email.